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Details Immigrant Kids

Immigrant Kids "A refreshingly un-woeful introduction to the experience of being a young urban immigrant around the turn of the century. . . . photos make the scenes real and recollections of immigrant childhoods give them a personal dimension ...

18,60 EUR*
Details The Essential Immigrant

The Essential Immigrant Lacey gives a persuasive argument for a more open immigration policy in the United States. With a notable lack of bureaucratic jargon, he explores America's evolving attitude toward immigrants, referring extensively to the work ...

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Details Immigrants [Ltd.Edition]

The Zawinul Syndicate - The Immigrants [Japan LTD CD] SICJ-128

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Details Immigrant Song

Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song - Cd

80,49 EUR*
Details Immigrants, Welfare Reform, and the Poverty of Policy

Immigrants, Welfare Reform, and the Poverty of Policy The first book length treatment of the ways the welfare reform is affecting immigrants in North America. Full description

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Details Japanese Immigrant Clothing in Hawaii 1885-1941

No Japanese Immigrant Clothing in Hawaii 1885-1941 Read a customer review or write one .

25,95 EUR*
Details Dirty Work: Immigrants in Domestic Service, Agriculture, and Prostitution in Sicily: Immigrant Workers in Domestic Service, Prostitution and Agriculture in Sicily

Dirty Work Dirty Work explores the lives and work of recent immigrants from Africa, Asia, and elsewhere to the southern Italian region of Sicily. Using extensive research, Cole and Booth focus on the experiences of foreigners employed in domestic ...

80,04 EUR*
Details Immigrant Exclusion and Insecurity in Africa: Coethnic Strangers

This book explores the diverse immigrant experiences in urban West Africa, where some groups integrate seamlessly while others face exclusion and violence. It shows, counterintuitively, that cultural similarities between immigrants and their hosts do ...

13,49 EUR*
Details Immigrants: Your Country Needs Them

Immigrants Philippe Legrain makes a compelling case for global immigration with a book that is guaranteed to spark debate Full description

19,19 EUR*
Details Understanding The Needs Of Elderly African Immigrants: A Resource Guide For Service Providers In Central Minnesota

Understanding the Needs of Elderly African Immigrants "Understanding the Needs of Elderly African Immigrants" focuses on African immigrant elders' culture, religion, and spirituality in the United States. The ultimate aim is to provide a resource ...

28,49 EUR*
Details The Immigrant War: A Global Movement Against Discrimination and Exploitation

The Immigrant War In this original, accessible book, Vittorio Longhi uses a global perspective to highlight the 'immigrant war and struggle for human rights, citizenship and equality', despite a policy vacuum towards immigration among governments of ...

38,06 EUR*
Details Settlers: New Zealand Immigrants from England, Ireland & Scotland 1800-1945: New Zealand Immigrants from England, Ireland and Scotland 1800-1945 (Aup Studies in Cultural and Social History)

Settlers Analyzing everything from shipping records to death registers, this book takes an in-depth look at New Zealand's European ancestors, exploring the origins of the island's national identity. Using individual examples of immigrants and their ...

26,99 EUR*
Details The Korean American Dream: Immigrants and Small Business in New York City (Anthropology of Contemporary Issues (Paperback))

The Korean American Dream Korean immigrants to the United States establish their own small businesses at a rate exceeding that of immigrants from any other nation, with more than one third of all Korean immigrant adults involved in small businesses ...

42,82 EUR*
Details Young Children of Black Immigrants in America: Changing Flows, Changing Faces

Young Children of Black Immigrants in America Examines the well-being and development of children in black immigrant families (most with parents from Africa and the Caribbean). This title includes analysis of the changing immigration flow to the ...

134,10 EUR*
Details Immigrants at the Margins: Law, Race, and Exclusion in Southern Europe (Cambridge Studies in Law and Society)

Immigrants at the Margins Exposes the tension between the legal status of immigrants and the government emphasis on integration. Full description

70,88 EUR*
Details The History of Ethiopian Immigrants and Refugees in America, 1900-2000 (New Americans)

The History of Ethiopian Immigrants and Refugees in America, 1900-2000 Ethiopians form the third largest post-1960 African immigrant in the U.S. Over the years, their migratory patterns have changed in response to changes in Ethiopian and American ...

52,99 EUR*
Details Daily Life in Immigrant America, 1870-1920 (Daily Life Through History)

Daily Life in Immigrant America, 1870-1920 Provides understanding of how people actually lived, based on the research. Full description

30,04 EUR*
Details Asian and Latino Immigrants in a Restructuring Economy: The Metamorphosis of Southern California

Asian and Latino Immigrants in a Restructuring Economy Experiencing both the enormous benefits and the serious detriments of globalization and economic restructuring, Southern California serves as a magnet for immigrants from many parts of the world ...

101,64 EUR*
Details Yesterday's Self: Nostalgia and the Immigrant Identity (Philosophy and the Global Context (Hardcover))

Yesterday's Self A study of nostalgia in the lives of immigrants, forging a connection between the philosophy of identity and intercultural studies. It shows that the cultural adjustment of immigrants can only happen when personal identity is ...

76,00 EUR*
Details The Immigrants Ship - By John Charles Dollman - giclee Leinwanddrucke 40x28 Inch Ungerahmt

This is an Unframed 40" by 28" Giclee Canvas Prints of The Immigrants Ship - By John Charles Dollman

30,00 EUR*
Details Life Lines: Community, Family, and Assimilation Among Asian Indian Immigrants

Life Lines This text is intended for sociologists and anthropologists interested in ethnicity, community and integration amongst Asian Indian immigrants. Full description

18,15 EUR*
Details The Little Immigrants: The Orphans Who Came to Canada

The Little Immigrants The story of the 100,000 impoverished children who travelled from the British Isles to Canada to solve the farm labour shortage. Full description